Wen yuma guwin ya, yuma garra sabi, la dis fouda ma en rikoding ma, sambala pipurl bin finish na. En wi garra rispek alabat.
When you enter this website, be aware that there are photos and recordings of people who have passed away. We must treat them with respect.

Overview of the website

Welcome to the website of Ngukurr Language Centre! The website includes information about the Language Centre, and an online library of cultural materials. We hope you enjoy looking around the site.

This article explains the different parts of the site, and how to move around it. It also discusses user accounts and how to comment on items on the site.

Language Centre page

On the Langgus Senta (Language Centre) page, you can find information about Ngukurr Language Centre. That page explains who we are, our goals, and how to contact us.

To get to the Language Centre page from anywhere in the site, click the Langgus Senta link in the main menu, to the right of the header image.

Website header showing Main menu with Langgus Senta link highlighted


This site also includes an online library of cultural materials. These include stories, songs, dictionaries, photos, audio and video recordings and more.

You are welcome to browse the library. Please remember that all items in the library are copyright. You are welcome to view them, but not to reproduce them or use them for other purposes without the approval of Ngukurr Language Centre.

To get to the Library home page from anywhere in the site, click the Laiberi link in the main menu, to the right of the header image.

Website header showing main menu with Laiberi link highlighted

Once you are in the library, you can browse different pages using the library menu, below the header image.

Website header showing Library menu

When you find a library item you are interested in, click on its title or preview image to open the item and see more detail about it.

Partial view of a library feature page showing clickable title of library item

For more information about using the library, see the help article called Using the online library.

For more information about copyright and licensing of library items, see the help article called Copyright and licensing of materials on this site.

Home page

If you ever need to get back to site home page, you can click on the Ngukurr Language Centre logo in the header.

Website header showing Ngukurr Language Centre logo


The site includes a set of menus which help you to move between different parts of the site. These include the Main menu, Languages menu, Library menu, and others. They are all located around the header image at the top of the page. The Library menu only appears when you are in the Library section of the site.

Website header showing Languages menu, Main menu and Library menu

The Languages menu lets you filter the library for content in different languages. It can also change the language of the menus. For more information, see the help article called View items in different languages.

For more information about the menus, please see the help article called Guide to the menus on the website.


It's possible for users to add comments to some parts of the site, for example to library items and help articles. If you have some ideas or knowledge about some of the items on the site, then please share it with us.

Comments will not be displayed until they have been approved by a site Editor or Administrator. We may also edit or delete comments if needed.

To view or add comments, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Comments will appear under the heading Comments. The small grey speech bubble picture shows how many comments there are already on this item.

Partial view of library item showing Comments heading

If you see a heading with the words Add a comment, then you are able to leave a comment. Click on the heading and a form will open up for you to write your comment.

Partial view of library item showing Add Comments heading

You can also reply to other people's comments by clicking the REPLY button underneath their comment.

Help articles

The site includes a set of help articles, which explain how to use the site. Some of the articles (such as this one) are open for public viewing. Others are for site Editors or Administrators only.

The main Help page is located at www.ngukurrlc.org.au/help. That page contains the list of help articles. Click on the title of a help article to read the full article.

You can get to the Help page by clicking on the Help page link on the Language Centre home page, or the Library home page. The link is at the right of the page, under the heading Don't speak Kriol?

Partial view of Library home page showing Help page link

If you are logged in as an Editor or Administrator, you can also get to the Help page via the Website help link in the Admin menu.

User accounts

Ngukurr Language Centre provides some people with user accounts on this site. Normally these are members of the Aboriginal community, or people who are involved in language teaching or maintenance activities related to the languages on the site.

A user account may allow you to do some things that you otherwise could not, for example:

  • View some content that is not open to the general public
  • Add library items to a collection of personal favourites
  • Edit comments that you have posted on the site

If you would like to have a user account, please contact Ngukurr Language Centre with your request, and we will consider it. Please be patient as we are often busy and it can take some time to respond.

Logging in and editing your user account

If you have an account, you can log in to the site using the Username and Password fields at the bottom of the webpage.

Website footer showing username and password fields

If you have forgotten your password or username, please contact Ngukurr Language Centre. We currently do not have an automatic password reminder link.

You can tell whether you are logged into the site by looking at the site footer, at the bottom of the page. If you are logged in, the footer will include links to My account and Log out.

Click on the My account link to edit your user account details, for example to change your password, your preferred language, or your location settings.

Website footer showing My account and Log out links


We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions about the site.

Please contact us to let us know what you think.

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