Wen yuma guwin ya, yuma garra sabi, la dis fouda ma en rikoding ma, sambala pipurl bin finish na. En wi garra rispek alabat.
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View items in different languages

The online library contains items in many different languages. Sometimes you may wish to view items in a particular language. This article explains how to switch between languages.

There are two main ways to see items in a particular language. You can either use the languages menu, or filter by language on the Lukabat page.

Using the languages menu

The languages menu is at the very top of the page, above the header image.

Header of site showing Languages menu

The languages menu does two things: it changes the display language for the site, and it filters library items according to language.

1. Changing display language

The languages menu can change the language used for some parts of the site, including the menus.

When you first visit the site, the menus will appear in Kriol. If you want to view the menus in English instead, you can click English in the languages menu.

Header of site showing Languages menu with English link highlighted

The menus have also been translated into some of the traditional languages. For example, if you click Ritharrŋu-Wägilak in the languages menu, you will see the menus in that language.

Header of site showing Languages menu with Ritharrŋu-Wägilak link highlighted

If the menus haven’t yet been translated into the language you selected, then they will appear in Kriol instead.

2. Filtering library items by language

When you are in the online library section of the site, the languages menu also filters library items by language.

You will notice when you are in the library that an extra link appear at the end of the languages menu: Ebirri langgus (All languages). To view library items in all languages, select either this Ebirri langgus link or the English link in the languages menu.

Header of site showing Languages menu with Ebirri langgus and English links highlighted

To view library items featuring one of the traditional languages, or Kriol, click the link in the languages menu that corresponds to that language. For example, if you click on Ngalakgan in the languages menu, then when you browse around the library you will mainly see items in the Ngalakgan language.

Header of site showing Languages menu with Ngalakgan link highlighted

The languages menu selects items on the basis of the languages listed in the Languages metadata field of the item.

Some library items may feature several languages. For example, a fieldwork recording might contain Ngalakgan, Ngandi and Warndarrang phrases. In this case, the item would appear if you selected either Ngalakgan, Ngandi or Warndarrang in the languages menu. It would also appear if you selected Ebirri langgus or English. It would not appear if you selected another language such as Kriol or Marra.

When you are viewing lists of items on the library feature pages, you will notice that the filter language is displayed at the top of the list, below the page heading.

Partial view of library feature page showing filter language

If the filter language is shown as "Languages: All", it indicates that no language filter is being applied.

The languages menu only filters items on the Library feature pages, such as Pipurl (People), Geim (Games), Ridim (Reading) and so on. It does not filter items on the following pages:

  • Laiberi - Library home page
  • Lukabat - Browse page
  • Main feibritwan-feibritwan - My favourites page

Filtering by language on the Lukabat page

The library provides a set of search and filter tools on the Lukabat (Browse) page.

To go to the Lukabat page, click the Lukabat (Browse) link on the library menu.

Website header showing Lukabat link in library menu

Within the Filter library items box, there is a search field and a set of filter tabs which let you restrict the display to specified items.

Partial view of Lukabat page showing Filter Library Items box

You can use the filter tabs to view items only in particular languages.

Select the Languages filter tab, then tick the checkboxes next to the languages that you want to include. For example, if you want to view items in Ngalakgan and Ngandi, tick the checkboxes next to the words Ngalakgan and Ngandi.

Partial view of Lukabat page showing Languages tab in Filter Library Items box

If you want, you can also add other search or filter criteria using the search field or the other filter tabs. When you are ready, click the Filter button to apply the search and filter criteria you have entered.

Partial view of Lukabat page showing Filter button in Filter Library Items box

Beneath the Filter Library Items box, you will see a list of library items. These are the results – that is, the library items which match the filter or search settings you have selected.

Partial view of Lukabat page showing results of search and filter operation

The filter operation will find library items which feature any one or more of the languages you have selected.

If you do not tick any languages in the Languages tab of the Filter Library items box, then the Lukabat page will show items in any language.

Note that the languages menu (at the top of the page) does not filter items on the Lukabat page.

For more information about searching and filtering using the Lukabat page, see the help article titled Search and filter to find items in the online library.

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